Okta Training

Admin 2: Manage SSO and Provisioning - Self-paced

Admin 2: Manage SSO and Provisioning

In this recorded session learners are shown how to configure applications for SSO and identity management life cycle thru automated provisioning and deprovisioning.

  • Describe SSO
  • Explain the Okta Application Network (OAN)
  • Connect OAN applications using Secure Web Authentication (SWA)
  • Connect OAN applications using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) authentication methods
  • Set up application provisioning for identity management life cycle
  • Describe the Application Integration Wizard (AIW)
  • Connect to a SWA Application using the AIW
  • Connect to a SAML Application using the AIW
  • Describe Okta Self-Service
  • Set up Self-Service in Okta